What Are the Best Treatments for Herpes?

by john on July 30, 2012

Herpes Treatments

Herpes is an incurable condition, however there are many treatment options available that can help to minimize the affects of herpes and keep outbreaks under control. So, what are your options when it comes to herpes treatments?

There are literally hundreds of purported treatments for those suffering from herpes. Not all treatments are effective, however, and some of them can actually be quite harmful. Treatments range from “natural remedies”, some of which can actually be beneficial but results are widely variable, to “painting” the sores with highly toxic chemical mixtures, which of course is not safe at all.

Luckily there are a few very effective herpes treatments that are safe to use and which can be prescribed to you by your doctor. These treatments include:

-         Valtrex

-         Zovirax

-         Famvir

These three medications are powerful antivirals that work by blocking the reproduction of the herpes virus. Although they all work in a similar way, they each also have their pros and cons.

Zovirax is one of the cheapest herpes medications, as it was one of the first effective herpes treatments on the market and is now available in generic form. However, even though it is cheaper, it also needs to be taken much more frequently than the other two herpes medications.

Famvir needs to be taken less frequently, but it is a bit more costly and is usually not prescribed for the initial outbreak, as it doesn’t seem to help much. Instead it is usually prescribed to be taken daily to prevent further outbreaks.

Valtrex can also be taken daily to suppress outbreaks and it also helps to speed the healing of the sores once they are present. Taking Valtrex daily can also help to prevent passing herpes on to a partner, but other safe sex practices should also be used.

So, although there still isn’t a total cure for the herpes virus, these three herpes treatments make living with herpes a lot more bearable. They can help to cut down the frequency of outbreaks, speed healing time and prevent spreading the virus to loved ones.

However, there are still a number of people who don’t get the treatment that they need because they are unwilling or too embarrassed to bring their prescription to their pharmacist. Luckily, this can be avoided if you choose to buy Valtrex online. There are many good online pharmacies that offer great services, convenience and best of all, privacy.

You can also find a wealth of information on how to best treat yourself during an outbreak, protect your loved ones and get answers to Zovirax, Famvir and Valtrex frequently asked questions. Through researching your treatment options online and working closely with your doctor, you can start an effective treatment plan that works right for your situation.

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Alkalinity and Herpes: How Are They Connected

by john on September 2, 2011

herpes alkalinity

herpes alkalinity

According to the research done by Dr.Otto Warbugh during the 90s together with Dr. Theodore Baroody’s in the book they have presented “Alkalize or Die”, we now understand the importance of reducing the acid levels in the body and the increase of oxygen levels in order to reduce the recurrent of genital herpes. The herpes simplex virus cannot survive with elevated oxygen environment in the body.

By increasing the alkalinity in the body, we can remove the chances of getting genital herpes and oral herpes virus. We can reduce the outbreaks and there is a good chance that the patient would no longer need treatment just as long as they maintain their alkaline levels.

What are the main ingredients of ph stabilization to solve genital herpes?

1. B.O. L or stabilized liquid oxygen, it is a supplement that contain oxygen in a liquid solution of water and salt, it has high levels of ph, it has a lot of oxygen that the herpes virus cannot handle. People with acidic diets need to find a way to raise their ph to 7.45. An oxygen rich environment will kill the herpes virus.

2. Alkalife is another way to reduce acid levels in the body. By changing one’s diet and avoiding acidic drinks, one can decrease the chances of genital herpes from coming back. Acidic drinks include tea, coffee, beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks like vodka and rum. Drink alkalife and reduce the acid levels and remove waste acid in order to remove herpes simplex virus.

3. Drinking soda can have disastrous effects on the body. It can also change sugar and calories and can cause viruses to thrive in the body.

herpes and alkalinity

herpes and alkalinity


You can also use oz alkalizer to increase the alkalinity in water as well as to bring back the stable and healthy alkaline state of the body.


Drink lots of fresh water to eliminate toxins and reduce chances of cold sores and genital herpes as well. Drinking water can help replenish vitamins and nutrients in the body. The product oz alkalizer can be used together with your reduce drinks in order to reduce acidity.


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